Chess Basics: Simple tips to enjoy playing chess

Chess is a mind game and requires serious thinking, concentration and focus to play the game.

While it is true that the game of chess is quite easy to learn and should not take more than a couple of hours at the maximum for any person to learn how to play the game, once he or she understood the basic elements of chess.

Apart from learning the game, one person has to apply his or her mind and concentrate on the game on hand, as there will not be any set pattern that can be followed at any given circumstance.  One has to take decisions based on the position of the pieces in the board, calculate the consequences of his or her moves and also foresee the next 3-4 moves in order to stay ahead in the game and say checkmate to the opponent.

One needs to concentrate and also take up simple mental exercise to improve the mind power so that he or she can be agile and make appropriate moves.

In addition to the mind power, it is advisable that a person has some of the following characteristics that will help in improving his or her expertise in the  game.

To become a good chess player, you need understand yourself. Understanding how you make your decisions and how you go forth to achieve your goals.

If you are one of those people who take every step with caution, avoid taking risks and not ready to lose anything you have to gain something new, then play defensively. Playing defensive has its advantages especially if your opponent is someone who plays very aggressive. What you need to concentrate on is you pawn positioning. Play defensive and avoid exchanging pieces, keep blocking the opponent from breaking through and wait for a mistake or opening to go on the attack.

If you believe in taking risks without losing too much, then play aggressive by reinforcing all your pieces by one another. The key pieces for you in this kind of strategy are the knights. Position your bishops and queen to target an area on the board and then use your knights to create an opening for them. Use your pawns as distractions by attacking with them the area you do not plan to exploit. Most expert chess players use this strategy.

If you are an adventurous and aggressive personality, who lives dangerously and loves taking risks, then play exactly the way your personality is. Make an aggressive opening and try to reinforce the center of the board. Do not mind exchanging pieces but save your rooks and queen for the later game. This strategy of exchanging pieces mercilessly is called the ‘Butcher method’. Force the opponent to move his king and then capitalize on it by attacking the area where his king is.

However, once you have become good enough by learning from others, then its time to get even better by making your own moves and strategies. Keep in mind, self belief and knowing who your opponent is, is the key to victory in chess.


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